1. What is Boonty?
    • Boonty is a SAAS reward platform that revolutionizes customer engagement, providing deeper brand insights and real-time feedback​​.
  2. How do I earn rewards on Boonty?
    • Users can earn rewards such as goodies, discounts, NFTs, or cash by becoming part of a status program and participating in various activities​​.
  3. How can I unlock rewards?
    • Rewards can be unlocked easily by registering on Boonty and engaging in different activities, which leads to instant rewards​​.


  1. How can Boonty help in enhancing brand-customer relationships?
    • Boonty aids in creating a closer brand-user connection through collaborative activities like co-building, refining, and testing​​.
  2. What are the steps to engage a community on Boonty?
    • The process involves six steps: Account creation, brand personalization, rewards configuration, status program creation, activities setup, and community launch​​.
  3. How does the status program work for brands?
    • Brands can build a community with Boonty’s integrated status program, where each user becomes part of it, unlocking exclusive benefits and fostering loyalty​​.


  1. What makes Boonty a unique investment opportunity?
    • Boonty’s innovative approach to customer engagement and reward systems, along with its scalable SAAS model, makes it a unique investment opportunity.
  2. How is Boonty positioned in the market?
    • Given its focus on real-time feedback and customer-brand co-building, Boonty is well-positioned in the growing market of customer engagement platforms.
  3. What are Boonty’s future growth prospects?
    • With the continuous evolution of digital marketing and customer relationship management, Boonty’s prospects for growth are significant, especially in sectors focusing on customer experience enhancement.