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Drive sales and build loyalty with gamification and rewards, encouraging your customers to stand by your brand.


Make shopping a unique adventure with gamified surveys and points based on purchases.


Understand your customers’ habits so you can tailor your approach and take proper action to grow your brand to the next level. Our plugin helps brands reach growth faster and more easily.


Build a community with rewards and program status, so you can solidify your marketing retention strategy and turn your less loyal prospects into the next leads who will advocate for your brand to future customers.

Impact is phenomenal

more insights on what want your customers
response rate on your surveys

Sell more, grow fast


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Add our plugin to your shopify store in one click and chose the best subscription for you. 


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Define and launch your loyalty program within minutes, using proven strategies from our intelligence database : rewards, XP to win, surveys,…


Launch your Loyalty and insight program

Display your loyalty program directly into your shopify website, invite your future customers to join and begin to boost your customer engagement. 

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H7 Incubator

Kelly Green

Boonty concept is promising, extremely user-friendly for getting feedback and establishing connections between brands and their community.

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